Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel in Minimundus

The big world is visiting the small…

The ride on the Ferris wheel offers you unique views of the small world from a bird’s eye view in combination with an incomparable panoramic view.

During your visit to our park, make a detour through the specially designed direct passage to the Ferris wheel and enjoy the reduced price (minus 2 euros) per person for this unique opportunity. You can then return and continue your world tour.


To the Ferris wheel

36 gondolas for 6 people | 1 ride takes about 6-7 minutes |
in operation daily between 9 a.m. and at least 7 p.m. until the beginning of October | Tickets available at the Ferris wheel box office


1 ride with the Ferris wheel regular price         
Adults € 8,00
Children (2 – 10 years) € 6,00