Minimundus history

Buildings from
around the world
in miniature

Minimundus is one of the most popular and
well-known excursion destinations in Carinthia.

The history of the small world at Lake Wörthersee began in the late 1950s with the vision of a private individual, where there were initially 20 European miniatures to be admired under the original name “Minieurop”. However, after the exhibition soon went into financial difficulties, it was acquired by the then regional chairman of RETTET DAS KIND, Hofrat Dr. Peter Zojer, with the idea of ​​combining the sights of the whole world in one place.

Over time the area was expanded to 26,000 m² and numerous buildings from near and far were added. Following major restructuring, Minimundus has shone in new splendour since spring 2016. The new indoor interactive experience and an attractive framework programme with musical and culinary events have made Minimundus an all-year-round experience for adults and families.


A history full of milestones:

Today’s Minimundus was acquired, under the original name of “Minieurop” with just 20 models, by Dr. Peter Zojer, the regional chairman of RETTET DAS KIND Austria (Save the children) at that time.

A British representative of the “Save The Children Fund”, Basil Gardner McTaggart, provided the project with financial support. He was also the one who thought up the new name, “MINIMUNDUS”.

Minimundus opened its doors to the world on 3rd July 1959.

Minimundus welcomed its one millionth visitor.

The area was expanded from 15,000 m² to 26,000 m².

On-site workshops and a company building were built during a construction phase that lasted until 1983.

1983 – 25 years of Minimundus
The seven millionth guest visited the miniature world at Lake Wörthersee in its jubilee year.

St Peter’s Basilica was presented to the public as the most expensive model following six years’ building time.

The north side of Minimundus was renewed, new paths were laid.

The guessing came to an end: Minimundus models finally received short descriptions.

2008 – 50 years of Minimundus
RETTET DAS KIND – Kärnten (Carinthia) becomes the owner of Minimundus.

The new children’s adventure path with games, fun and puzzles was opened. Soon after, the new 400 m² adventure playground was opened.

Minimundus was expanded with a 1,500 m² indoor interactive experience and is now open all year round.

Minimundus and RETTET DAS KIND – Kärnten are celebrating their 60-years-anniversary.