Model building

At first glance it may seem unbelievable
that some individual models cost more
than € 500,000 to build.

It is often a long way before a model can be built:: First, contact is made with those responsible or the consulate to get hold of the relevant documents for the building. It usually takes a few months to get the right plans in various scales, which are then converted by us to a scale of 1:25.

The whole world on a scale of 1:25

The centrepieces at Minimundus are the models which are created down to the smallest detail on a scale of 1:25, and mostly using original materials such as sandstone, lava basalt or marble, in the Minimundus model workshops. Every detail is incorporated: window shutters, decorations, street lamps, etc.

Model building is carried out by our Minimundus model builders in the on-site workshops, by higher technical colleges or by professional model builders around the world.

Almost all models are built on a scale of 1:25 (one exception is the Hochosterwitz Castle, which was already built in 1959), and so the size of the models can easily be compared to one another.

Minimundus Familie in der kleinen Welt 2016-08-29
Minimundus Familie in der kleinen Welt 2016-08-29

Specific structural features:

Most expensive model with longest building time
The model of St Peter’s Basilica took 6 years to build. As it is mainly made out of the original material travertine (a pre-stage of marble which was treated with diamond drills), it cost € 730,000 to build.

Exact precision work
The model of Miramare Castle took 26 months and around 28,000 pieces of marble stones and 26,000 pieces of sandstone to finish. With the model of St Peter’s Basilica, a model builder took up to one week to finish one single figure.

Visitor’s most wanted model
The model that visitors would want most to see is the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, even on a scale of 1:25 it would be too big for Minimundus and wouldn’t fit in the park.

Highest model
The CN Tower, measuring 23 m tall, overlooks all the other models. It weighs 20 tonnes!

Most sensitive material
The Indonesian Borobudur Temple is made out of delicate lava basalt. It was made by Indonesian model builders and given to Minimundus as a gift from the island of Java.

Oldest building
Hochosterwitz Castle has been here from the beginning. It is the oldest model in the park.