Adventure world for children

The children’s adventure trail

The children’s adventure trail offers games, fun, excitement, puzzles and lots of interesting facts about other countries and cultures.

When the little ones become great explorers it shows how exciting the journey is. Playfully, they set off on the children’s adventure trail following the story “Around the world in 80 days”, and start on a puzzle tour which begins at the red London telephone box at the entrance.

Together with Marie, Jakob and Quapo the dog – the main figures in our booklet – they will find out the answers to exciting questions about the most important buildings in the world.

Bild Kids mit Steuerrad

You can download the children’s brochure here.

Globetrotter Certificate

All those who correctly answer all the questions placed in the top hats spread throughout the park, and also correctly put the stickers on the globe, will receive a Globetrotter Certificate at the end of the tour.

The children’s trail and the booklet were designed by the Carinthian artist, Michaela Fink.