Originally planned for just a single purpose – to house the ever-growing collection of historic airplanes held by the Flying Bulls – the Hangar-7 today is synonymous with avant-garde architecture, modern art and top-level gastronomy. A gigantic steel web construction and 1,754 glass panes give this exclusive building on the grounds of Salzburg Airport its unique character. All these factors make it one of the most interesting destination for visitors in the region of Salzburg. Directly opposite the Hangar-7 lies the Hangar-8. Stylistically speaking, the Hangar-8 blends in with the presence of its “Big Brother”, the Hangar-7. It is a fully equipped aircraft hangar, which meets the highest requirements.

Start of planning: October 1999
Architect: Dipl.-Ing.Dr. Volkmar Burgstaller
Start of construction: January 2001
Opening: August 2003
Covered area: 4.100 m²
Hangar ground area: 3.700 m²
Glass weight (shell): 380 t
Max. free span: approx. 95m to 66m
Maximum height: 14,5 m
Number of glass panes: 1.754
Weight of steel constructio: 1.200 t