This world-famous ecclesiastical building is located on the Red Square in Moscow. It was built by the infamous Tsar Ivan IV, known as the Terrible, after his historic victory in the battle of Kazan in the 16th century. He wanted no less than the most beautiful cathedral in the world and a perpetual monument to his great triumph. Legend has it that Ivan was so fascinated by the fairy-tale look of the building that perfectly represents the fantasy and taste of the time it was built, he had the architect blinded to prevent him from creating anything more beautiful elsewhere. The building was renamed “Saint Basil’s Cathedral” only four years after Ivan’s death. The name is in memory of itinerant monk Vasily (Basil) the Blessed who was worshipped by the Russian people for his fearless criticism of Ivan’s rule of terror. The fantastic Renaissance building with its sumptuous colours and shapes is a first-rate heritage building and attracts visitors from around the world.
Designing the model was a major challenge for the Technical College of Villach; but the outcome is perfect thanks to the decades of experience of the teachers and their enthusiasm for model-building.