Opposite the church there is the 95 m high campanile, bell tower. It is a faithful reconstruction of the original tower completed in 1512 that had collapsed in 1902. It took 9 years to rebuild. On the last Thursday during Carnival season, the bell tower is the ve­nue for the “Volo della colomba” (the dove’s flight): A wooden dove glides down a rope from the tower to the Doges Palace. In the past it was artists who danced on the rope across the square up to the to­wer and back again.

Height: 3.80 m
Area: 0.6 m²
Materials: clinker, marble, brass, lead
Bricks:53,000 clinker tiles, 3,200 marble pieces
Weight: 800 kg
Time taken: 9 months
Model makers: MINIMUNDUS workshop (1985)