Belying initially pessimistic forecasts, lake Constance’s ferry service between Constance and Meersburg is one of Europe’s largest inland waterway services, transporting 2.1 million vehicles and 5.3 million passengers a year. By crossing a distance of almost 2.6 nautical miles (4.8 km) by ferry, a detour of 70 km can be avoided. One of the six ferry boats is the “Konstanz” shown here. She was launched in 1975 and is 68 m long, 13.40 m wide,
11.50 m high above the water line and has a draught of 1.97 m when loaded. She can hold 700 passengers and 54 cars. Our model is a faithful reproduction in copper and brass although it didn’t leave the slips until 13 years after its namesake.