When the mother of Shah Mohammed Reza of Persia visited Mini­mundus in 1971 (she was president of a children’s charity in Persia, modern-day Iran) she was so impressed by our miniature world that she proposed that a model of the marble palace in Teheran be built and promised any assistance required. This wonderful building had been constructed in the 1930s in the reign of her husband Shah Reza the Great and passed over to their son after the former abdicated in 1941. As soon as she returned home, she made arrangements for the original plans and building materials to be sent to Austria. The Shamdis marble, which came from the same quarry as the original stone, is very expensive and difficult to get hold of.

Dimensions: H: 1.28 m, L: 1.7 m, W: 1.47 m
Weight: 480 kg
Weight with base: 3.4 t
Materials: Shamdis marble, natural stone, pottery, copper, brass
Time taken: 2,080 hours
Model maker: Friedrich Jerina (1973)