Washed by the waves of the North Sea, battered by strong winds and heavy storms, the Red Sand lighthouse has stood at the mouth of the Weser for over 120 years now. In a daring undertaking 10 m below the sea, an enormous steel di­ving bell was driven down a further 23 metres into the sandy sea floor. Filled with concrete it created an artificial ledge and a basis for the foundations of the steel lighthouse construction above. For 80 years the lighthouse and its crew of 3 served as a reliable guide for shipping until its light was switched off in 1964: the foundations of the most famous German lighthouse, the landmark of that stretch of coast, were damaged. An association was set up to save the lighthouse, and extensive restoration work was carried out. The land of Lower Saxony put it under monument protection. Since 1999, visitors can even spend a night in the tower.