At the south front of the town Hall Square, there is the town hall. It consists of two gothic town houses that were
structurally unified after 1570 and rai-sed and extended with a tower in 1590. In 1727, Joseph Munggenast created the existing representative Baroque façade. Through its long building history, the town hall shows an abundance of different style elements, ranging from a late Romanesque cross-rib vault in the present-day police station and Gothic seating recesses from the 14th century in the gateway to artistically designed Renaissance portals and Renaissance heraldic stones. The model of the town hall, a gift from the city of St. Pölten to Minimundus, was built in 2,000 hours of work by the company “Voith” from Lower Austria. Steel, aluminium, copper, plastic and brass were used for the construction of the 320 kg heavy model.