Antoni Gaudí designed many houses, but the Casa Milà is surely the most famous of all, built between 1905 and 1910 for the Milà family. Its most striking features, even from afar, are the many overhangs on its massive facade. It is also called “La Pedrera” (quarry). The house has an undulating structure and no load-bearing walls. The rooftop chimney park is well worth a visit with its attention to detail: eerie chimneys and sculptured air ducts. Gaudí kept exceeding the cost estimates, which led to disputes with the Milà family. The issue of the fee had to be settled by a court that decided in favour of the architect. Today, the building houses residential flats and offices and is, of course, open to tourists. In the attic, there is an exhibition of Gaudí’s work and the most popular spot of the building is its roof terrace.