In 1904, building work on the new theatre for Chernivtsi, that had been designed by the architects Fellner and Helmer architects’ office, was begun. After 14 months the building was opened as “Chernivtsi German Municipal Theatre” on October 3, 1905. After 1922 its name was changed to “Romanian National Theatre”. Since 1940 or 1944, it has been the “Ukrainian Olga Kobylans­ka Theatre of Music and Drama”. The building is located in the centre of a district that had newly emerged at the time the theatre was built. It is located on the former Elisabeth Square, today Theatre Square and is surrounded by a park. From 1907 to 1922 a monument of Friedrich Schiller stood in front of the theatre. Since 1980, a statue of the Ukrainian national poet Kobylanska has been standing there. The building is one of a group of theatres whose front is accentuated by portal arch architecture. The building of the model was supported by the Chernivtsi area, the pro­vince of Carinthia, the cities Chernivtsi, Klagenfurt and Wolfsberg, the “Österreich Kooperation” association, the Georg Drozdowski Society and the Bukovina Centre. It was built in the Minimundus model building workshop.