The Class 2016 Hercules is described by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) as more economical, versatile and modern. Meanwhile, more than 100 items of this diesel-electric locomotive were bought, largely replacing the old classes 2050, 2043 and 2143. The new class is designed for operation both in passenger (push-pull operation) and freight traffic (tandem operation). The installations in the engine room (compressed air structure, electronic block, machinery and cooling system) are designed as a modular system and can thus be quickly replaced.

Weight: 80 t
Dimensions: L: 19,3 m, W: 2,9 m
Wheel diameter: new: 1100 mm, used-up: 1020 mm
Maximum speed: 140 km/h
Diesel engine: MTU 16V 4000 R41
Power: 2000 kW
RPM: 600 – 1800 min
Starting tractive effort: 235 kN (at μ = 0,3)
Maximum braking power: 100 kN
Smallest curve radius: 100 m
Maximum power at wheel rim: 1600 kW
Max. wheel braking power (el.): 1000 kW