The Royal Frigate was the pride of the old Imperial Navy in the 19th century, circumnavigating the globe between 1857 and 1859 on a scientific expedition. Shortly afterwards (1861), in response to technological developments, she was converted into a steam fri­gate, which involved increasing her length by almost 10 m to create enough space for the steam engines. In 1866 she took part in the Battle of Lissa against the Italian fleet which went down in Austrian history as being the only important naval battle which Austria succeeded in winning under the command of Admiral Tegetthoff. (Furthermore it was the first naval battle between ironclad ships.) She was also renowned for carrying Emperor Maximilian to Mexico in 1864. As he was the most important patron of Austrian seafaring, it is still considered unseemly to sing his favourite song “La Paloma” on ships sailing under the Austrian flag out of respect for the emperor. From 1880 onwards, she had been overhauled several times. In 1899 she was finally scrapped.

Length: 52.3 m (after conversion in 1861: 62 m)
Width: 14.22 m
Draught: 5.5 m
Displacement: 2107 t
Area of sails: 1827 m2
Crew: 403
Cannons: 42
Keel laying: 1843 in Venice
Completion: 1851
Model maker: Friedrich Jerina