This pleasure boat which has been plying the Drau since 1984, was the first bow-loading passenger ship in Austria. Around 150 years ago, the first attempts were made to turn the Drau into a navigable river but the railway line was given priority, putting a sudden end to shipping plans. Since 1984 , the “Landskron” has been in operation without incident and has been carrying 30,000 passengers every year. The summer night cruises with music and dance are particularly popular. When the ship was christened in Villach in 1984, Leopold Wagner, the provincial governor at the time, fell head first into the waters of the Drau along with the bottle of champagne. The ship is 27.7 m long, 6.2 m wide and can take 240 passengers. A crew of 2 is all that is needed to man the ship and its motors have 240 HP.