On 13th October 1792, three hundred years to the day after America’s discovery, the first president of the USA, George Wa­shington, laid the foundation stone for this building, one of the most famous historical buildings in the USA, its only rival being the Statue of Liberty. It wasn’t officially called the “White House” until 1901 when Roosevelt was president. The winning entry in a competition to design the president’s official residence, architect James Hoban’s plans were often mocked but notwithstanding any criticism, the timelessly unpretentious building is appreciated for its clear symmetrical lines today. In 1814, during the war between the USA and Britain, the building was set alight by British troops and had to be rebuilt. This was followed by many other alterations although its outer appearance hardly changed. The most important building in the USA can thank recent First Ladies, first and foremost Jacqueline Kennedy, for the elegance of the official rooms with their numerous art treasures.