On 20th November 1871, the first train ran from Villach to Spittal. A small house served as the station where three officials did their work. In 1901, Emperor Franz Josef approved the plans for the Tauern railway and after six years’ work the Tauern tunnel was ready. The station in Spittal was built at the same time and the Tauern railway was formally opened by the Emperor in 1911. Now Spittal was linked to the “big wide world” and Lake Millstättersee experienced its first tourist boom. Damaged by bombs in 1944, the station was later rebuilt, largely retaining the character of the original building.

Dimensions: H: 62 cm, L: 4.12 m, W: 91 cm
Whole area: 7.5 m²
Weight: 1.4 t
Weight with substructure: 3.20 t
Materials: concrete, natural stone, brass, copper, resin
Time taken: 13 months
Model makers: workshop MINIMUNDUS (1988)